"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle



Amateur boxing is in the blood and sweat of Kings A.B.C. Many members are regularly involved in boxing shows in the local area and beyond. Kings A.B.C. offers coaching for juniors and seniors, from complete beginners to experienced boxers. Experience of working with people of all gender, ages and skills as well as a fully kitted gym makes Kings A.B.C. one of the best boxing gyms in the Gloucestershire area from novice all the way through to fighter.

Ladies' Boxfit

Whether you wish to compete or just train to get fit, this is the class for you. At these classes, you can learn boxing technique and improve upon your skills. It’s also well acknowledged that boxing is one of the best forms of expression – at Kings A.B.C. there’s the opportunity to release and vent whilst learning something new and getting mentally and physically stronger at the same time. Open to any female aged over sixteen, these classes offer a variety of training including punch bags, pads and circuits. They’re great if you’re looking to lose weight, increase fitness and tone your body. 

Mini & Junior Boxing

At these classes children are taught the basics of boxing and fitness in a great environment. These ‘non-contact’ sessions are huge fun for the children whilst giving them increased fitness, discipline, confidence and self-esteem. 

Senior Boxing

At Kings A.B.C. not only do members have the opportunity to gain valuable combat skills, but whilst doing so, they can lose weight, improve muscle tone and increase general fitness. The classes offer a variety of sessions including punch bags, pads and circuits as well as sparring (when appropriate). Any age or level of fitness is welcomed and absolutely no boxing experience is required. The boxing classes are not only enjoyable, but they are guaranteed to improve your mental conditioning without the need to carry out weight training.

Personal Training

At Kings A.B.C, there is also the offer of personal boxing to members who are looking for one-on-one boxing/fitness training. The gym can offer you a ‘tailor-made’ package depending on your fitness level and body type which can allow you to meet the goals you want to achieve. From absolute beginners to experienced fighters, Coach Sean can offer personal and intensive training teaching you how to box. Sean’s wealth of experience guarantees great boxing training in a safe and professional environment.